R & D

In the International industry that is changing fast every day, we has been continually revising our products design & materials composition to keep a favorable position.

At BestseaTech, we have been studying how to design new products for application to Industry of Cable Protector, Warehouse Safety, Crowd Control and Street Furniture.

In Some Area, we noticed plastic has much better performance than Steel, that was why we founded the company – BestSeaTech which is recognized for its emphasis on R&D of Plastic and Metal materials .

At BestseaTech, we has been improving the Plastic Strength, Cold resistance, color fastness and Rebound Resilience. For example, Polyurethane [PU] Cable Protector has Double Bearing Capacity and Tens Times Longer Service Life than traditional rubber ones.

In additionally, we had been creating New Products – Portable PU Cable Protector, Snake Cable Cover, ,Rack Protector and Flex Streets Bollard.

Besides Researching and Developing , we are applying patents for these New Products for protecting our design is unique.