3-Channel Cable Protector

3-Channel Cable Protector 1

The cable protector is a kind of special cable protection tools. It can protect the cable used for a long time and reduce the number of cable replacement, saving the cost.

Features of cable protector
1. Made of PU. Comparing with traditional rubber cable protector, our PU cable protector is stronger with lighter. Also have no smell.
2. Can be recycled, is more environmental protection.
3. The lid of the bayonet type design can avoid lid be opened by vehicles.
4. Surface decorative pattern design, prevent slippery and novel.
5. Can be used in outdoor, indoor, jobsite, worksite, conference room, office and more.

Model No Length Width Height Channel QTY Channel Width Channel Height Weight Loading Capacity Color
BS-NCP-4M 900mm 500mm 75mm 3 65mm 65mm 11kg 30TOns Yellow/Black