8CM PU Bollard Bowler Hat Topper


Polyurethane (PU) bollards are ideal for coastlines and waterside locations, petrol station forecourts and many other locations, including supermarkets, retail parks and shop frontage,who can provide added security to any building or surrounding areas and will protect areas that are vulnerable to collision impacts. Meanwhile it can provide effective pedestrian and vehicle demarcation for a wide range of landscapes.

1.Most Durable Post Available, made from polyurethane .
2. Black finish as standard and Any colours available on request
3. Extended height
4.Comes with 3 Yellow reflective bands as standard
5.High Impact Resistance and returns to vertical every time after impact .
6.Little Maintenance and easy installation .
7.Heat Resistant +80°C,Cold Resistant -60°C.

Model No Height Diameter Base Length Base Width Weight Impact Resistance Color
BS-SFCB-75-C4-B2 780mm 80mm 200mm 200mm 1.5kg 20Tons At 100Km/H Black/Yellow Orange/White Green/Blue

The Above Bollard Height are available in 75CM, 90CM, 105CM,120CM.