Cable Cover AMS System


The AMS is the first cable protector system designed to meet the different needs of different customers. Its supporting capacity is very huge.

  1. Middle Part is made of Durable Plastic;
  2. Ramp Part is made of Recycle Rubber;
  3. Each part connected with Side Lock ;
  4. Midde Section can be expanded for more Cables;
  5. 10Tons Car Loading Capacity;
  6. Meet USA ADA Ramp Angle Standard;
Model No Part Length Width Height Slope angle A Loading Capacity Color
BS-AMS-2M-Cover Middle 900mm 290mm 55mm 10TOns Yellow
BS-AMS-2LR Small Ramp 900mm 120mm 55mm 25° 10TOns Black
BS-AMS-B2LR Medium Ramp 900mm 154mm 55mm 10° 10TOns Black
BS-ADA-Ramp-2MF ADA Ramp 900mm 598mm 55mm 10TOns Black