Wall Cable Duct

Wall Cable Duct 1

This wiring duct is an economical solution to managing your wires and cables. Each 2 meter (6.6 ft) section has pre-drilled mounting holes at 4″ to 5″ intervals for easy installation.

The material used is a high impact, self extinguishing, wrap proof PVC made with Lead free ROHS material. The material is UL 94 and V0 rated to survive continuous use at high temperatures. The CE marking confirms the compliance of a product with all the EU regulation that apply for the product in general.

Made of heat-resistant PVC (up to 85°C)
2 meter (6.6 ft) length fits most computer cabinets
Easily cut to length with a wire duct cutter
Covers included

Model No Length Width Height Wall Thickness Color
BS-NFCD-2015 2 Meter 20mm 15mm 2mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-2525 2 Meter 25mm 25mm 3mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3020 2 Meter 30mm 20mm 4mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3025 2 Meter 30mm 25mm 5mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3030 2 Meter 30mm 30mm 6mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3035 2 Meter 30mm 35mm 7mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3040 2 Meter 30mm 40mm 8mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-3525 2 Meter 35mm 25mm 9mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4025 2 Meter 40mm 25mm 10mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4030 2 Meter 40mm 30mm 11mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4040 2 Meter 40mm 40mm 12mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4433 2 Meter 44mm 33mm 13mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4525 2 Meter 45mm 25mm 14mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4533 2 Meter 45mm 33mm 15mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4545 2 Meter 45mm 45mm 16mm Blue/White
BS-NFCD-4565 2 Meter 45mm 65mm 17mm Blue/White