Cable Management Sleeve

Cable Sleeve-1

With our quality cable management sleeve, you can easily manage all kinds of cords, cables and wires in your home and office well-organized and out of sight. Two-stylish color design, black and beige are available to match any background and home decoration. The cord concealer is essential for keeping baby from hazards and protecting your wires from being chewed by a curious pet, bringing you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment

1.DIY holes at any position you want and cut down into several smaller pieces cable sleeves.
2.All the cords are wrangled up and hidden in one sleeve from sight, no need to worry the messy tangled cables depressed you or trip your kid, it makes your living and working space look more organized.
3.Our cord concealer is made of premium black &white neoprene and it comes with a larger velcro strap which is firmly fixed to avoid any tearing.With our premium manufacturing we guarantee maximum

Model No Length Diameter Color Materials
BS-CMS-1 1000mm 38mm Black Neoprene+Zipper