Cable Tie


Ties are low profile and are economical ties for wire and cord control. The straps are presided to make appliance and electronics wire and cable management quick and easy. Slotted head design ensures that strap stays with the cord so it doesn’t get lost.

1. Indoor and outdoor use
2. High tensile strength with low insertion force
3. Great for industrial and commercial applications
4. Used for larger cable management, hoses, packaging

Model No Length Width Barrier Body Height Tensile Strength Color
BS-XGS-2.2×60 60mm 2.5mm 2 To 11mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×80 80mm 2.5mm 2 To 16mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×100 100mm 2.5mm 2 To 22mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×120 120mm 2.5mm 2 To 30mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×150 150mm 2.5mm 2 To 35mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×160 160mm 2.5mm 2 To 40mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-2.5×200 200mm 2.5mm 2 To 50mm 8kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×100 100mm 3.6mm 3 To 22mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×120 120mm 3.7mm 3 To 30mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×150 150mm 3.8mm 3 To 35mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×180 180mm 3.9mm 3 To 42mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×200 200mm 3.10mm 3 To 65mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×250 250mm 3.11mm 3 To 70mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×300 300mm 3.12mm 3 To 80mm 18kgs White
BS-XGS-3.6×370 370mm 3.13mm 3 To 85mm 18kgs White