LED Cable Protector

LED Cable Protector-2

Designed with more features than any other Cable Protector in the market, OranLite Cable Protectors are the low voltage battery powered LED cable Cable Proetctor. The side LED alert pedestrians and vehicles both in Day and Night.
Made of Durable TPU materials , all materials are comply with the requirements of REACH and PAHS EU standard, The OranLite Cable Protector withstand vehicle traffic up to 40Tons making it perfect for construction sites.

Model No Length Width Height Channel QTY Channel Width Channel Height Weight Loading Capacity
BS-LEDCP-2 900mm 500mm 50mm 5 42mm 42mm 12kg 20 Tons
BS-LEDCP-4 900mm 500mm 75mm 3 65mm 65mm 14kg 20 Tons
BS-LEDCP-5 900mm 250mm 45mm 2 32mm 32mm 7kg 18 Tons