Rubber Base Retractable Belt

Rubber Base Retractable Belt-2

All Rubber Base : Rubber base is not easy to dent and provide longer usage time.Protect the floor from scratches and increases the friction between the base and the floor, almost impossible to fall when encountering high winds, human weight or the crowd.
Striking Color : The bright yellow color is more eye-catching and, it will have higher visibility from a distance
Four Way Connection : 4-way adaptor at the top of each post for maximum flexibility of placement,control different areas according to your needs.
Widely Used : Whether indoor or outdoor, any place that needs isolation and guidance, such as airports, hotels, banks, museums and many other places can be used
Easy to Assemble :The assembly and disassembly of the stanchion can be easily completed. You can install and uninstall posts faster without tools.

Model No Height Base Dia Base Height Bollard Diameter Base Weight Bollard Weight Color
BS-PRBB-9RB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 9.0kg 1.0kg Red/Black
BS-PRBB-9YB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 9.0kg 1.0kg Yellow/Black
BS-PRBB-9WB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 9.0kg 1.0kg White/Black
BS-PRBB-9BB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 9.0kg 1.0kg Blue/Black
BS-PRBB-9GB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 9.0kg 1.0kg Green/Black