Wheel Rubber Base Stainless Retractable Belt


The wheel rubber base stainless retractable belt barrier is perfect for crowd control, limiting access, diverting traffic and closing roads. For stainless retractable belt barrier, the wheel design on the base would a big improvement. The different color options could meet different request of different people.

1、 The pole and base can be separated packing, reducing the packing volume.
2、 Very convenient to install, no tools would be needed.
3、 The color of the pole has six options to meet different needs. Also, you could choose the color of the retractable belt.
4、 The rubber base is not easy to be blown away.
5、 The wheel design on the rubber base makes it more convenient to move the stainless retractable belt barrier.
6、 The retractable belt would be printed with your logo or some messages.

Model No Height Base Width Base Height Bollard Diameter Base Weight Bollard Weight Color
BS-MRBB-4 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 8.0kg 1.0kg Red Yellow Blue Green Black White