Wheeled Base Retractable Belt


Wheeled Base Retractable Belt
Plastic Retractable Belt Barrier are a top quality stainless steel queue stanchion that we are now making available as a cheap alternative to other retractable belt barriers on the market.They are perfect for organizing lines,queues or to section off an area of your floor space to restrict public access.They feature a though retractable belt made of woven nylon and a weighted base that makes them very difficult to topple.Requiring simple self-assembly to combine post and base, this pedestrian management solution is ideal for high traffic areas.

1. Made of Stainless Steel or colorful durable plastic;
2. 2 meter or 5 meter retractable tape;
3. Heavy base for maximum stability;
4. More color for options;
5. Simple and quick assembly using single tool provided;
6. Low center of gravity reduces possibility of barrier being pushed over.

Model No Height Base Width Base Height Bollard Diameter Base Weight Bollard Weight Color
BS-PRBB-4RB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 6.0kg 1.0kg Red/Black
BS-PRBB-4YB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 6.0kg 1.0kg Yellow/Black
BS-PRBB-4WB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 6.0kg 1.0kg White/Black
BS-PRBB-4BB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 6.0kg 1.0kg Blue/Black
BS-PRBB-4GB 1010mm 350mm 80mm 65mm 6.0kg 1.0kg Green/Black