3-Channel AMS System

3-Channel AMS System 1

The AMS is the first cable protector system designed to meet the different needs of different customers. Its supporting capacity is very huge.

1. We will provide an installation video. Everyone can get it easily.
2. Many cables can be used at the same time
3. Two ramps are rubber, convenient replacement, and save cost.
4. The middle sections could be connected with each other, the number of the middle sections is decided by the demand of customer.
5. It can be used to the construct of large concerts, influencing exhibitions, and so on.

Model No Part Length Width Height Channel QTY Channel Width Channel Height Weight Loading Capacity Color
BS-AMS-4M Middle 900mm 300mm 75mm 3 65mm 65mm 10kg 30TOns Yellow/Black
BS-AMS-4E Side Ramp 900mm 300mm 75mm 30TOns Black