Cable Management Box

Cable Management Box-1

Cable management box is the perfect storage solution for all power strips and cables that you have lying around. Three different size boxes can conceal your current debacle and future power needs. Keep your cable ensemble safe, dust-free, and organized.

1.The raised bottom corners give a firm grip to the floor or desk.
2.The raised inner plate protects power strips and plugs from water on the surface below.
3.The lid fits securely to protect children and pets from electrical shock.
4.The design and color fits elegantly in home decorations.

Model No Length Width Height Weight Color
BS-CB-1 235mm 115mm 120mm 0.3kg Black/White
BS-CB-2 320mm 135mm 127mm 0.45kg Black/White
BS-CB-3 400mm 155mm 134mm 0.65kg Black/White